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How Working with a Professional Organizer Actually SAVES Money

Updated: May 23, 2020

Everyone knows that “time is money,” and having an organized space cuts down on time spent looking for missing items, sorting without method, or simply getting distracted by the stress of clutter. However, as professional organizers, we have found that organizing can lead to tangible cost savings and even profit. Here are three ways that organizing translates directly into dollars.

1. Finding that inventory.

Whether running a business out of your home, or managing an office or warehouse, keeping track of essential inventory has a direct effect on your bottom line. We had the opportunity to work with a solopreneur who stored her products in her home. Timely delivery of sales, samples and gifts was an important part of her business success, and the lack of order in her inventory was eating into her bottom line. Unable to find a needed product, she would have to make additional orders and buy new mailing supplies, wasting money on both. Organizing Genies helped develop a storage system in her home, where inventory, supplies and promotional products each had their place. As a result, the client could visually keep track of her needs, and she saved money on products and supplies she didn’t need. This same cost savings applies to the household. In the back of the garage, under the sink, or in an unexpected closet, replacements for necessary household items can get lost. Instead of spending extra money on shampoo, a replacement hammer or a new sponge, an organized supply closet can cut down on unnecessary spending.

2. Get Rid of the Storage Unit

Whether you are downsizing your home, breaking down a holiday display or the kids are headed off to college, you may own a storage unit. Depending on your location and the size of the unit, the monthly cost of storage can really add up over time. We worked with a person who downsized her home from a 3,000 square foot house to a 900 square foot condo. In the rush of closing on the sale of one home and moving to the other, she rented two storage units and had the movers box and store everything she didn’t identify as an immediate need for the new place. Organizing Genies went to the units and made some discoveries. Trash cans still had trash, plastic dinnerware and paper napkins were wrapped and neatly stored in boxes, and there were duplicates of many household items. While the client didn’t want to get rid of everything, we sorted and disposed of a lot of unnecessary items, which allowed the client to consolidate into one, smaller storage unit at a savings of hundreds of dollars per month.

3. Found Money

While it is rare that actual cash is lost in the jumble of a disorganized home, we help clients find money in unexpected places. We offer our services for organizing paperwork, and we often come across uncashed dividend checks and other sources of cash among the unsorted documents. When organizing a desk, a closet or a garage, we come across gift cards in some of the most surprising places. Each of these represents money to be spent. Finally, the families of a deceased person will hire Organizing Genies to sort through their home and help make decisions about what to do with different types of personal property. Instead of jumping right to the estate sale, and possibly missing a piece of art or jewelry, our process helps to identify the higher value items. We then work with the appropriate auction houses and estate sale companies to maximize the value of the estate.

As organizing professionals and members of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing, we take pride in helping our clients achieve the comfort of an organized space, where everything has its place. Organizing is more than peace of mind. It translates directly into money. Contact us to start getting organized.

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